Casa La Roca by Ramón Esteve

Casa La Roca by Ramón Esteve

Barcelona, Spain

A house integrated into the landscape

A house with large outdoor spaces decorated with the new aluminium furniture, The Factory collection created by Ramón Esteve.

  • Location Mataró, Catalonia, Spain
  • Type Residential
  • Architect Ramón Esteve
  • Collection The Factory

Casa La Roca is an architectural work created by our designer Ramón Esteve. This 1035-sqm house is located half an hour from Barcelona and is fully set into the landscape, as the project is born out of the utmost respect for the environment that surrounds it.

Casa La Roca | Aluminium furniture | Vondom

The house is divided into several floors, but it is on the top floor where the main outdoor terrace is located together with our new aluminum furniture. This is the new collection entitled The Factory designed by the architect Ramón Esteve himself.



Casa La Roca | Aluminium furniture | Vondom
Casa La Roca | Aluminium furniture | Vondom

Modern steel furniture 

As part of this residential project, our new collection of aluminum furniture is the element that provides a touch of colour as far as outdoor furniture is concerned, and therefore stands out amongst all the elements in the area.

The design furniture that can be found in Casa La Roca is made up of several pieces from the collection: the modular sofa, the centre table, the armchair, the lounger with the table, as well as the The Factory lamps.

These lamps fit in perfectly with the rest of the outdoor lighting. It creates an enveloping atmosphere of calm and tranquillity.

Casa La Roca | Aluminium furniture | Vondom
Casa La Roca | Aluminium furniture | Vondom
Casa La Roca | Aluminium furniture | Vondom

From the The Factory modular sofa, the owners of the house are lucky enough to spend hours contemplating the landscape where this large house sits.

Casa La Roca | Aluminium furniture | Vondom

To sum up, Casa La Roca boasts splendid outdoor spaces that house Vondom’s new aluminum furniture, which not only provides character and an industrial touch, but also an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic.

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