Marcel Wanders

Born in Boxtel, Wanders graduated cum laude from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Institute of the Arts Arnhem in 1988 after being expelled from the Design Academy Eindhoven.
In 2000 he opened his studio in Amsterdam, gaining attention in 1996 with his Knotted Chair, which paired high tech materials with ‘low tech’ production methods and in 2001 Wanders co-founded the design label Moooi, of which he is co-owner and art director. In 2014 in Wanders works as product and interior designer and art director.
Marcel Wanders’ chief concern is bringing the human touch back to design, ushering in what he calls design’s ‘new age’ in which designer, craftsperson and user are reunited. In his process, Marcel Wanders defies design dogma, preferring instead to focus on holistic solutions rather than the technocratic. In this universe, the coldness of industrialism is replaced instead by the poetry, fantasy and romance of different ages, vividly brought to life in the contemporary moment.


Who really are you?

My friends would describe me as a passionate person, slightly neurotic and sometimes off in another world, but passionate nonetheless.

What is your favourite colour?

I have several favorite colors. White, gold, black, red, orange and green. And of course, Joy’s magenta!

What three items would you take with you on a deserted island?

If I had to choose just three, I’d have to say my future girlfriend, my daughter and my bird drone with an everlasting battery!

What is your favourite childhood memory?

I vividly remember building magical things from the broken things in my father’s shop. It is where I cultivated my imagination as a young boy.

What is your favourite movie?

My favorite movie is Rocky I. It is the ultimate underdog success story.

Do you have a hobby?

I enjoy the history of things. I am attracted to things with a story to share, something that gives it relevance and meaning to our time here now.

What was the last thing you bought?

The most recent album I purchased was Jamiroquai: “The Return of the Space Cowboy”

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Without question, raising my daughter, Joy continues to be the greatest opportunity I have ever been given. She is such an exceptional soul, i love her beyond my life! She surprises me every day and is surpassing all my expectations.

Do you have any fixation or any quirky habit?

I love to sit and savor my self-made expresso on a 1963 Bialetti in Parco Sempione, Milano, between 9:00 and 9:24on a Sunday morning.

What do you do when you are not designing?

For me, creativity, expression and collaboration is the ultimate relaxation. When creating, I am most at ease.

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