Minerva Building

Minerva Building

Antwerp, Belgium

Bucolic design

An office project dominated by an industrial style and a bucolic design, that is to say, an interior design based on natural elements and fresh colors.

  • Location Antwerp, Belgium
  • Type Offices
  • Collections Africa, Bloom, Frame, Love, Studio Planters, Tablet
  • Design interior Studio dp

This office project has been based on an industrial style with an open space, but at the same time divided with the intention of distinguishing the different work areas.

At the entrance, we find the Tablet modular sofa and poufs from the same collection designed by Ramón Esteve. It has been complemented with coffee tables from the same collection and a Bloom planter designed by Eugeni Quitllet, accompanied by Organic Redonda planters by Studio Vondom.

vondom-design-furniture-modular--sofa-tablet-ramon-esteve (p)
vondom-design-furniture-pots-planters-bloom-organic-redonda (1)

This set of design planters is characterized by its organic, smooth, and fine lines providing a simple and aesthetically beautiful interior design.

In the adjoining area, a communal work area has been set up and decorated with Frame tables designed by Ramón Esteve, also armchairs, and stools from Africa collection designed by Eugeni Quitllet.


Design furniture to be close to your “tribe”.

The arrangement of Vondom’s design furniture in this area promotes open communication between employees; allowing them to develop their ideas.

In addition, the furniture designed by Eugeni Quitllet has been created precisely for this purpose, i.e. to sit comfortably in a tribe.


The bucolic design of this project inspires serenity and freshness, thanks to the distribution of the various Vondom planters throughout the office.

vondom-design-furniture-planter-vases-isla-estudihac (1)

The dining room continues with the same style that we find in the other office areas, so much so that the African stools are also present. Likewise, the Love chairs designed by Eugeni Quitllet are part of the design furniture in this project.


The selection of colors has not been random, as long as they are key to the transmission of freshness, brightness and simplicity. These elements are very characteristic of projects based on a bucolic design.

In conclusion, the design furniture and the planters arranged in this office project have allowed the creation of a serene work space and lively energy.

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