Love chair Eugeni Quitllet Vondom Love chair Eugeni Quitllet Vondom Love chair Eugeni Quitllet Vondom


by Eugeni Quitllet

A manifestation of Eugeni Quitllet‘s vision for Vondom, this collection of chairs serves as an ode to the enduring concept of love – a force that transcends boundaries. Inspired by the ineffable nature of love, Quitllet’s designs encapsulate its essence, weaving form and function into a fabric of elegance and emotion. Each meticulously crafted chair becomes a holder of the intangible, infusing its surroundings with a sense of wonder and serenity. Through subtle curves and graceful lines, Quitllet invites us to contemplate the unseen yet perceptible influence of love, transforming mere objects into vehicles of transcendence and beauty.

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Love chair Eugeni Quitllet Vondom

The Love chair collection

At Vondom, love is design and serves as the foundation of our design philosophy – an ever-present source of inspiration that ignites our passion and drives us to continually evolve and become the best version of ourselves. Although love defies easy definition and manifests uniquely for each individual, in our context it represents the driving force behind our efforts. It infuses every aspect of our work with purpose and vitality, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence. Through love, we find the motivation to push boundaries, challenge convention, and relentlessly strive to realize our full potential.

Inspired by the deepest emotions, we have strived to improve ourselves, driven by an unbreakable commitment to excellence. In collaboration with Eugeni Quitllet, the visionary behind the Ibiza Collection, we are pleased to present our latest masterpiece: “Love”. This collaboration represents our dedication to pushing boundaries and embracing innovation as we strive to capture the essence of love in its purest form. Through meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design, “Love” emerges as a testament to the transformative power of emotion, transcending mere furniture to become an embodiment of heartfelt connection and beauty.

Utilizing the PP injection manufacturing process, each component of the Love collection has its own unique character and distinct personality, with sleek, flowing lines that blend effortlessly into any environment. Designed with versatility in mind, this furniture ensemble seamlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, offering adaptability without sacrificing style or durability. And for the youngest members of the family, a special children’s edition ensures that the Love collection embraces every aspect of modern living.

Another version of the collection is included in our eco-smart initiative, Vondom Revolution, which aims to optimize the use of natural resources.

Love chair Eugeni Quitllet Vondom
Love chair Eugeni Quitllet Vondom
“LOVE… it is it isn’t… Love is my Obsession… A sensual shape that caresses your skin following your body and your heart a naked silhouette to dress your body to become an icon. Love is all we need…”

- Eugeni Quitllet -


Eugeni Quitllet

Eugeni Quitllet

The Catalan designer Eugeni Quitllet was born on 17th April 1972 in Ibiza. He graduated from ‘La Llotja’ art school in Barcelona. Through his creative vocabulary he exceeds simple relationships between function and style unveiling innovative objects. Between drawing, sculpture and contemporary archaeology, Quitllet literally reveals silhouettes hidden in the material, extremely visual skeletal objects elegantly master fullness and emptiness often with a touch of humour. Eugeni Quitllet is a design world freak capable of devouring the whole of our environment in his own way to serve it up to us transformed.

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